Be careful, Consuming these 10 foods can cause headaches


Ice cream cause headacheHeadache is a health disorder that is often seen as a small matter. However, headaches have a very painful effect. Moreover, when the headache attacks come, it can interfere with your activities.

There are several things that can cause headaches. One is triggered by food. As reported boldsky, here’s a list of foods that can cause headaches.

Old cheese

The older the cheese usually tastes will be more palatable. But the food is able to trigger a headache. Because when the cheese gets old proteins in it will disappear and form tyramine. And if you eat, then you can be a headache.


Chocolate is able to calm you when you are sad. But when you have headaches, eating chocolate is not much help. Even many think that eating chocolate will actually cause headaches.


Drinking alcohol does not directly trigger headaches. But when you consume them, then alcohol can cause dehydration and can then give you a headache.


MSG is one of the chemicals that can flavor dishes. However, consuming too much can cause headaches and stomach cramps.


Most people think that drinking coffee or caffeinated beverages can reduce headaches. But if you drink too much of it can cause extreme headaches.

Ice cream

Cold food usually do not have a good effect for your headache disease. And consuming ice cream can cause a chilling effect on your nerves which then can cause painful headaches.


Eating bananas can cause headaches in people who are sensitive to tyramine. While the banana skin itself contains a lot of tyramine in it.

Red wine

Those who suffer from migraines are usually sensitive to red wine. That’s why migraine sufferers can experience extreme headaches when they consume red wine.

Dried Fruit

Some examples of dried fruits such as raisins and figs can cause headaches. Therefore you should be careful in taking them.


If you are sensitive to yeast, you should be careful in taking them. Because these foods can cause headaches.

Headache sufferers should be careful in eating the foods above. Because if you eat too much, it will aggravate your headache.