7 Causes Of Breast Pain Besides Cancer

Women Health

Sore breasts not only makes uncomfortable but also can make many women fear. But do not rush to worry when your breasts feel sore, Ladies. Do not immediately fear that the breast that feels pain caused by cancer.

There are many things that can cause sore breasts and uncomfortable. Some of these are trivial things that do not need to worry about. Here are some of the causes of sore breasts, as reported by the Women’s Health Mag (05/09).

  1. PMS

PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome is a syndrome that often occurs when women are menstruating. The woman must have been very familiar with what they can feel when going before menstruation. Ranging from easy up and down emotions, increased appetite, and breast that feels more sensitive than usual.

In addition, breast pain can also arise as a result of PMS. This is due to the hormonal changes that coincide with menstruation. Changes in the hormone estrogen causes the breast will usually be more easily hurt. This kind of pain is called pain associated with the menstrual cycle. Do not worry if this is the cause of sore breasts.

  1. Excessive exercise

Excessive exercise, such as too many do sit ups, push ups, or lifting weights can cause breast pain. Although it appears that the breast feels sore, but actually the pain is not coming from the breast.

The pain of too much exercise comes from the muscle under the breast tissue. When too much exercise, muscles will tighten, causing pain in the breast.

  1. Lifting heavy goods

You may not excessive exercise, but has only just lifting heavy objects such as household furniture or other onions. It also can trigger breast pain. Just like when doing excessive exercise, heavy lifting can also affect the muscles under the breast.

Lifting heavy objects can also make existing muscle tissue and under the breasts become injured or strained. If this happens, you do not need to worry, because the pain is actually not of the breast rather than other muscles under the breast.

  1. Using the wrong bra

Many women are unconsciously using a bra that is not quite right with the shape of or size of their breasts. Sometimes women use bras that are too small, too large, or use a bra which makes their breasts ‘tortured’. Using the wrong bra can give a great impact on your breast health.

If the bra is too small and tight, the wire is in it is likely to suppress breast and made ?? This is what causes the breasts feel sore, when you use the wrong bra for too long. Likewise, if you use a bra that is too loose and could not provide ‘support’ the right to the breast. It will make the breasts move freely and cause pain.

  1. Tak use a sports bra

When doing sports, equipment including proper clothing is also noteworthy. Exercising using the right sports bra will help prevent breast pain. When you do exercise, there are a lot of muscles and movements to watch out for.

If the breast moves too active and more muscle injury due to lack of support from the clothing that is not right, chances are your breasts will be sore afterward. So, be sure to exercise by using the right clothes, especially sports bra that can support your breast properly during exercise.

  1. Certain breast tissue

There are types of women who do have breast which has a lump. Technically, this is referred to as fibrocystic breast tissue. Women who have this type of breast tissue will feel the pain in their breasts during menstruation.

According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, breast tissue is forming lumps called cysts are filled with fluid. It is not always associated with breast cancer, but it can cause pain and more sensitive to the breast when hormonal changes occur.

  1. Drink too much coffee and tea

Although coffee and tea does not cause pain in the breast, but a study has revealed that too much coffee and tea can affect the discomfort in the breast, especially women who have fibrocystic breast tissue. If you have the habit of eating too much coffee and breasts feel sore, it is likely that the cause.

In general, temporary pain in the breast and increased sensitivity does not have to always make you scared. If the pain is only happening for a few days, then it is likely the cause is one of the things above.

However, if the presence of pain, breast had changed in terms of physical and tasted fishy, you should immediately consult a doctor.